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at young friends ***IT TAKES AN ENTIRE VILLAGE TO RAISE AN IDIOT, I'M beeeg LIVING PROOF, HAHAHAHA*** disclaimer if your not supposed to read it then don't this means if your too young go out and live it instead of reading беег about it' if your old enough but live in a place where the power's that be believe your incapable of makimg such decisions then leave before you get in trouble. and if you insane then read no further as i would hate for a young person to be hurt because of my imagination. and oh yeah beegcom this is my shit so don't steal it. axl EDDIE AND THE AXEMAN 5 after reese's injury eddie and i just kinda bummed around a bit we really b eeg didn't know what to do with ourselves,eddie was kinda bummed that he didn't get to say good-bye and i missed my boy. i mean all i wanted to do is protect him,and thats just what i did not do. the next several days were uneventful, until we atlast decided to make the best of things,hoping beeg xx to hear bee something.atleast they were 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"fuck him"eddie beeg-com said "mess with the bull you get BOTH of the horns" we started walkin away.suddenly i heard screaming and everything beeg. i remember from then on was in slow motion. before i could turn around i felt a stinging,and burning sensation beeg.c in my left shoulder,it went numb. my mind knew what had happened so i went to beeg hairy my right pocket grabbed my knife and turned.it found jesmanes abdomine. the next thing i know i www beeg could hear eddie screaming,as i lost beeg massage consciousness i thought to myself "gee i hope he's o.k." i then remember my mother screaming and when i woke up i was in a hospital and there were beeg 18 some cops there,they were waiting to transport me to a boys beeg lesbian haven. beeg black a boys haven was like a juvenile facility except it's were you went before your trial.aparently i was being charged bee with beeg teen assault anal beeg with a deadly weapon and attempted murder.(what a fuckin joke) the boys haven wasn't much better than a juvi center.we slept two to a room but the doors were not locked at night,no bars on the windows or anything like that but there was that chicken wire in the glass like in the site beeg.com beeg schools. we were sectioned into groups and with these people most of our day would be spent,group counseling, schooling,and showering. i had no room mate when i arrived but that was soon to change. continued..... sorry for the untimely ending' but from here on beeg xxx is it's own beeg porno chapter so i decided to stop here please keep the mail comin tell me what you think. thanx axl beeg hairy beeg mom Date: Sun, 13 Oct 2002 23:33:40 -0400 From: mr. axl Subject: eddie and the axeman 6 disclaimer if your not supposed to read it then beeg black don't this means if your too young go out and live it instead of reading about it' beegcom if your beeg xx old enough but live in a place where the power's that be believe your incapable of makimg such decisions then leave before you get in trouble. and if you insane then read no beeg sex further as i would hate for a young person to be hurt because of my imagination. and oh yeah this is my shit so don't steal it. axl EDDIE AND THE AXEMAN 6 So there Iwas in this "boys haven".my left arm in a sling,I had a gash in my back 3 or 4 beegs inches long that hurt nearly all the time.and I was being charged for assault with a deadly xxxbeeg weapon,and attempted murder.What a bunch of shit,my lawyer said they were makin an example of me,but I had nuthin to worry about I would walk on self defense.You gotta love this fuckin legal system. The first several beeg lesbian days went by without incident, my thoughts were consumed with how much I missed my Eddie,(I meanI missed mom and dad) oh b eeg god how I missed Eddie,its amazing how much you miss things when they are not tangible,you take beeg videos these very same things for granted when they are tangible. The other boys werent much bigger than I so they didnt fuck with me too much free porn beeg even though I mom beeg was a lame duck.I managed to make a few friends but I spent alotta time in counseling and physical therapy so I kept pretty busy,I was amazed at the diversity of the kids beeg gesetz here, beeg videos I mean some were animals and others were simply innocent prey,I free beeg was there for 105 days and I was amazed at what I saw in such a short time. I would tell Eddie about it but he was unphased by it simply because of his own past. when I was just starting to get used to bunking alone they brought in a beeg xvideos room mate. He was a little guy. "so what's your name?" I asked as soon as they left us alone "Andrew"he said timidly he wore glasses over his green eyes,they were the kind of green eyes that would change from green to hazel.he had shaggy dark brown hair,and he was skinny as a rail.his beegxxx skin was pasty and white. I couldn't help beeg poto but think to myself"this kid ain't got a chance in here. "how old are you?"I said tryin to be tough ,I mean this was a boys haven the nice shit wasn't goin to fly here. "I'm 12" again site beeg.com beeg he replied timidly "well you get the top bunk wwwbeeg Andrew age twelve,I'm alex if you need anything." he put his few belongings away,toiletries a change of undies,socks,pants and shirt,and a towel and washcloth.(we did laundry everyday) he climbed beeg.com/ up on his bunk. I beeg x heard him weep,I was suddenly www.beeg.com reminded of Reese and my guilt took over, I wanted to protect this kid too beeg jepang but hell I didn't know him from Adam. www beeg com I just lay there feeling the throb in my arm and thinkin about Eddie.He was supposed to beeg porn visit me tomorrow and I was so lookin forward beeg porno beeg moms to it,his folks beeg mature wouldn't bring him, so my mom was gonna.It had been nearly a month of hell without him. I dont think we went longer than two days without seeing eachother since we beeg xvideos met unless one was https //beeg.com outta town, even beeg anal when we were pissed at beeg. com one another. I was gettin destracted by the weeping,one thing I came to learn in my indian beeg torrid life was that the weeping was par for the course www.beeg but you never quite get used to it and this was my first experience with it,it was one sex beeg thing to hear it through the door but this was right in my damned ear. "hey Andrew? you alright?" "yeah"he replied beeg vids "well what you beeg 4k here for anyway?" " I burned beeg . down a building. but it wasn't my fault. it was an accident" беег "accident hell,you either burned it down or you didn't" I said coldly "I was just tryin to keep warm" "so why didnt you just go home if you were cold?" "it was my home" "so беег turn up the heat" "I had none,only a fire" "you mean to tell me your mom and dad dont have a furnace?" "they're dead"he said coldly I went silent I didnt know what to say. the silence was broke by an orderly tellin me it was time beeg sexxx for my session,I wanted to find out more but I was sure I would have time. For the next week beeg milf I only saw Andrew beeg tubes at night as we had different classes and counseling beeg free sessions.My arm was outta the sling and it was feelin better,I would have more free time now that I didnt have physical therapy any longer. wwwbeeg Up until now I had the luxery of showering alone most times beeg as my therapy was in the mornings most days and afternoons others. Now I was back with the pack and beeg 18 forced to fit in. For as sexy as it would seem being in an all boy environment it really is not,some of them were pure animals,they fed off of hurtin other kids.I hadn't been showering with beeg indian them three days, before I saw a kid get raped.I couldn't believe it I thought that shit only happened in prison beeg mp4 films. There was a black kid beeg-com about 15 and two white kids each about my age or so,they wasted no time jumpin on this asian kid who put up one hell of a fight but they were too much anal beeg for him.they pulled him across one of the benches each of the white boys holdin an arm as the black kid who was atleast 9+inches long and quite thick jumped on and forced himself into him without mercy.The asian boy cried out and even screamed at first until one of the boys covered his mouth indian beeg with a washrag. I remember that look Jesse got when he gave himself over to Eddie,of blissful acceptance,but there is another look too and I would see that a few times in my stay here.Shortly after the guy is completely in you,when you realize your already raped and you get so tired from struggling you cant anymore.I saw that look come into the boy's eyes and he just .beeg lie there and waited til that huge dick was removed from him. When he had finished milf beeg the white boys took turns on him neither as big as the first but quite well developed.Each time a boy entered the boy would struggle abit but not much.Hisuncircumsized boydick never got hard.That was the first time I saw a boy get buttfucked and not be hard,but it was also the first rape I saw. When they finished they washed up b eeg and left him there,I started to walk over to check on him but a kid grabbed my arm and looked at me as if www.beeg..com to say dont get involved. Glad I didn't. another boy did goto him and the next day they beat the hell outta him the black boy sayin'"stay away from my bitch" when I beegs got back to my room my head www.beeg..com was still spinnin' Andrew lay on his bunk weaping.I asked what was wrong but he didn't reply. He did eventually climb down from his bunk I noticed him limping,then I saw a www.beeg com huge bruise on his thigh. "what happened to www beeg you?" "one of the boys kicked me" "yeah they get pretty rough at times" "hey I have to www.beeg.com beeg 4k go to the bathoom,will you go with me?" "Andrew if you wanna suck my dick you can do it here" "what!NO"he turned to look at me"they keep beatin me up,if that's what it will take for your protection fine" "we'll talk about it later,let's go